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                 Hard Money Real Estate and Business Loans

Private Real Estate Lending Group ... Hard Money Loans for Residential, Commercial/Industrial Real Estate, or Business Loans up to $250k
                                                                     (No Real Estate required!)

Quick hard money loans in as little as 10 working days.  Private California Lender

Tell us what you've got.  If it makes sense, we can help structure the deal and fund it.

Easy qualifying for hard money loan.Easy qualifying
Pre-approval for money loan in about 10 minPre-approval in about 10 minutes.
First position up to 65% loan to value
Interest rates starting at 8%
       Interest only loans for a maximum of 60 months
Fast loans for single and multi-family residences - non owner occupiedFast loans for single and multi-family
       residences - owner occupied
short sale financing and loan approval letterShort sale financing & loan approval letter
In foreclosure, we can help.  Loans for you.In foreclosure, we can help.
Bankruptcy OK

money to lend even with poor creditPoor credit OK
Creative financing is our specialty.  If the deal makes sence, we will loan you the money in as few as 10 working days.
Creative financing is our specialty - we can HELP!

40 Years Experience 


I have money to lend.  Business loans up to 250k.  No real estate required.

"I've helped lots of California investors get the real estate and business capital they've needed."
Jack W. Cunningham, President

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